James Hughes, Rubrik

Ransomware topping list of cyberthreats, says Rubrik executive

TechFire briefing gives insight into data management and regulatory compliance
James Hughes, Rubrik

15 March 2021

Ransomware has emerged as one of the biggest cybersecurity threats experienced by enterprises, an audience of IT professionals heard at a TechFire breakfast briefing on 10 March.

Based on the theme Secure cloud migration: Have you got the tools and the skills, speakers from data management platform developer Rubrik and Stryker Corporation discussed their thoughts on the current climate and the increased speed of digital transformation, as well as their experience of locating and consolidating sources of data.

“The most important asset in your organisation is the data. We want to help you focus on solving the right problems and mitigate the risk of losing that data,” said James Hughes (pictured), VP of sales engineering at Rubrik.




Hughes made the point that Rubrik’s customers were increasingly asking for solutions to ransomware attacks, which are being triggered by clicking links in e-mails or instant messages. These attacks are continuing to grow in sophistication as more ransoms are being paid.

“The major problem with ransomware is knowing the blast radius,” said Hughes. “Once it gets into your environment how far has it got, how far has it spread. While the world is melting and you’re panicking trying to get everything recovered you start overwriting files that potentially haven’t been compromised or you start overwriting files that have had a day’s worth of changes but you do a mass restore to try and get your business working. What we can do is show you what has changed, what hasn’t changed and help you prioritise what to restore.”

Stryker head of global operations Stephen Byrne joined the briefing to share his experience as a Rubrik customer.

Hughes and Byrne were joined by Rubrick systems engineer Paddy Merrigan for a questions and answer session based on a series of polls and comments from the floor.

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