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Ireland is likely to face several more months of virtual lockdown in the fight against Covid-19, says Savenet
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15 April 2020

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As it becomes more evident that social distancing will go on for several months, companies will need to overcome their IT remote working challenges. The way we run our businesses has certainly changed, however, our employees need support more than ever and businesses need to also ensure that productivity is consistent.

Companies require IT solutions that help them maintain business as usual. There are ‘data distancing’ challenges that many businesses need to overcome, from Security, Interoperability, Performance and Management.




Ensuring business continuity for employees working from home

We here at Savenet Solutions hope your business stays healthy and safe throughout this global crisis. But the reality is that many of us are already feeling the impact of Coronavirus. IT managers and business owners must seriously think about the ability of their employees to productively work from home.

Savenet Solutions can provide your employees with secure access to their work files from home through a simple, familiar experience from their laptops, mobile devices, or a web interface. We have the fastest and most secure path to ‘remotify your IT’.

Our customers can leverage the built-in agility of our platform to meet various remote work needs through several key features including:

  • File services anywhere – Files can be accessed and shared with anyone from any Windows, iOS, or Linux device. Users enjoy desktop access to any number of cloud-based folders and files, helping companies maximise productivity regardless of the physical storage on users’ laptops. What’s more, endpoint backup is delivered through Savenet Solutions platform, enabling file-level data protection for remote workers as well.
  • Secure, private data access – Savenet Fileshares’ data replication protocol acts as a built-in VPN, providing AES-256 encrypted access to the organisations private cloud that no third party can access. Work from home or in fact anywhere outside the office: your files are protected.
  • Network efficiency and uptime – The same data replication protocol also includes deduplication/network optimisation technologies, which means your users don’t need high-powered home modems and internet connections to work productively.
  • Unified, modern collaboration –Savenet Fileshares’ software-defined platform allows users to work collaboratively, from anywhere. Remote users’ use the Savenet Fileshare agent and mobile apps and offices’ use the Server sync agents or Edge Filers which all continuously sync with the global file system, this enables any number of users or any number of sites to edit, collaborate, and share files as if they were working under one roof.
  • Mobile access – Savenet Fileshare Mobile app completes the continuum of simple user access, with full data control from any Android, iOS or Windows mobile device. Even if users use personal smartphones to work, Savenet Fileshare platform sync protocol ensures complete data privacy.

As Governments globally continue to battle the Coronavirus pandemic, organisations face urgent operational challenges. Companies must do what they can to minimise the virus’s impact on business operations to the greatest extent possible.

We are here to help with any remote work and file services needs you have. We have the fastest and most secure path to ‘Remotify your IT’, to ensure there is minimal disruption to your business as this crisis continues.

Learn how we can help or call Savenet Solutions on (01) 526 7750

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