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Mark Russell, senior system administrator; Patryk Mozdzanowski, principal software developer; and Pietro Machetta, IT architect, BetBright



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21 September 2017 | 0

There are three things that make BetBright a great place to work says senior system administrator Mark Russell: the people, the technology and the culture.

“Every day is different. The work is interesting and brings new challenges and puzzles. When my day ends I have a real sense of achievement. I work as part of a small team and everything I do effects other people and vice versa so communication is key. We all work well together. There are also a lot of opportunities to upscale my skills and further my career.”

Founded less than five years ago BetBright is a digital entertainment company which prides itself on creativity and innovation. The company develops and operates its own online betting and gaming platform. Well over half of the staff at their Dublin HQ work in technology.

Pietro Marchetta started with the company as a senior developer but had a passion for architecture so when the opportunity to join the architecture team came along he seized it.

“We design new components for our system, build prototypes, ensure that everything fits together, support the development teams and get involved in trouble shooting. It’s a very diverse and interesting role. One moment I am working on designing a completely new function and the next I am being asked a really challenging question by one of our developers. We all help each other.”

However, it is the professional autonomy he is given at BetBright that Pietro values.

“I am constantly working on one or two really interesting projects where I am given the freedom to explore and tease out my ideas. I am also involved in guiding the long-term technical strategy here. We all are. We get to create our own future.”

And the future is looking bright. The business is expanding and is currently actively recruiting for a diverse set of open positions including roles in software development, QA, architecture and tech ops.

When principal software developer Patryk Mozdzanowski joined the company four years ago, there were less than 30 people working at BetBright. Since then the workforce has more than tripled.

Patryk really enjoys working in a company that values and trusts its IT team to build market leading tech.

“We are creating an innovative product that stands out from our competitors. People listen at BetBright. Not just people on my team but throughout the company. If I have a great idea, I can pitch the CEO if I want to. The focus is on building a great product and great company.”

Technology director Ronan Murphy says BetBright has worked hard to create a culture that supports career focused, creative IT professionals.

“The environment here is set up to help you succeed. If you are ambitious and want to be challenged in a positive way, this is a great place to work. People here are always open to new ideas. Better ways of doing things. Smarter ways. We aim to be supportive. Ultimately, if you succeed, then the company succeeds.”

With so many roles available what advice would he give to applicants?

“The job hiring process is very structured and objective. It’s based on finding out three things; can the person do the job, do they want to do the job and will they get on with the team? We are a very diverse group. We have people here from all over the world and we are proud of the unique culture we have created.”

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