New Tyndall National Institute chair appointed

Dr Denis Doyle to help deliver the expansion of Ireland’s flagship research institute
Dr Denis Doyle and Prof William Scanlon, Tyndall National Institute

4 May 2022

Tyndall National Institute has appointed Dr Denis Doyle as the new chair of its Board. Dr Doyle will lead the Board’s oversight of the future development and expansion of Ireland’s flagship research institute in integrated ICT hardware and systems at University College Cork (UCC).

Tyndall has made substantial progress with its plan for significant expansion by 2025, to become a research player of international scale with a consequent direct benefit to the Irish economy. The announcement comes as Tyndall celebrates 40 years of ground-breaking research.

Dr Doyle is an innovative industry leader and expert with a unique background in technology, manufacturing, mergers and acquisitions, and talent development. He has extensive experience of leading major organisational and cultural change and redefining strategic vision to achieve sustainable growth in competitive and evolving technical environments.




The Cork native has 30 years’ experience in senior positions in the high-tech semiconductor industry. In 2021 he founded Resonance Consulting, which provides executive coaching, leadership, change management and technology expertise and related services. He spent almost three decades working with Analog Devices International (ADI) in various roles including vice president and general manager of the US and Irish manufacturing operations.

Dr Doyle was responsible for critical semiconductor manufacturing activities with complex supply chains, acquisitions integration and considerable investment in and management of ADI’s R&D activities internationally. He is an engineering graduate of University College Cork and undertook his master’s and PhD at NMRC/Tyndall.

“I am delighted to take on this new role,” said Dr Doyle. “As a graduate of both UCC and Tyndall, it feels like I’m coming home. It’s an exciting time to take up this position as the pandemic highlighted our reliance on technology and an appreciation for the hardware technology industry. There are huge opportunities in a range of areas such as supply chain management of technologies, research, automation, power electronics in the energy sector, electrical vehicles, and healthcare. Tyndall is already leading the way in research in these areas and will play a vital role in the development of new innovative science and technologies in these rapidly growing sectors.”

“We are honoured to welcome Dr Doyle as chair of the Board,” said Prof William Scanlon, CEO of Tyndall National Institute. “His experience in redefining strategic vision to achieve sustainable growth will help Tyndall to realise our ambition to be a European innovation leader through the development of more public sector investment in R&D and private sector co-funding for research. He is ideally positioned to help us deliver Tyndall’s 2025 strategic plan which aims to double the size and impact of our national ICT research institute and develop Ireland as a global leader in deep-tech research.”

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