Multicloud an open-and-shut case for Irish lawyers

Bar of Ireland chooses Nutanix to build affordable hybrid cloud with a focus on performance, scalability, and agility
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2 July 2021

In association with Nutanix

Nutanix, a leader in private, hybrid and multicloud computing, has been selected by The Bar of Ireland to build a multicloud environment that could meet increasing demands related to application performance, scalability, and agility, while also addressing the strict budgetary constraints of a non-profit organisation.

Faced with needing to either upgrade or replace its end-of-life legacy infrastructure, The Bar of Ireland researched a number of options, including migration to public cloud. As a non-profit organisation fully funded by the lawyers it serves, the solution would have to deliver cloud benefits – such as performance, on-demand scalability, and agility – while also being cost effective and allowing for predictable budgeting. The Nutanix cloud platform delivers an easy-to-manage multicloud architecture to help the organisation scale and adapt to its constituents needs.




“Like a lot of organisations, we had investigated the idea of moving non-critical applications to the cloud,” said John Kane, director of ICT at The Bar of Ireland. “But for our core services it was still a big unknown, particularly from a cost perspective. With Nutanix, on the other hand, we know exactly what our spend will be. Moreover, thanks to the ability to seamlessly move workloads to the cloud and back again, without changes or reconfiguration, we can fully optimise resources and cost investments across both private and public clouds without locking into any long-term commitments.”

In addition to the ability to seamlessly and securely migrate workloads between on-premises and public clouds, other benefits include reduced datacentre footprint, lower power and cooling overheads, as well as far less support time required to keep the infrastructure working as it should. Another clear benefit of Nutanix is the unified management console that significantly streamlines IT management and operations as well as the hypervisor included as part of the cloud platform at no additional cost. The organisation is not only saving on licensing costs but can manage physical and virtual resources from the same console and get support from a single vendor – no matter what the issue is.

“For a non-profit organisation, like The Bar of Ireland, Nutanix delivers the ideal building blocks on which to create their multicloud environments,” said Andrew Brinded, SVP & GM EMEA at Nutanix. “It delivers the scalability and flexibility they need at a lower and predictable cost. Nutanix’s focus on simplicity and ease of use also means that their IT team can spend more of their time on innovation rather than keeping the lights on.”

The Bar of Ireland is eager to take full advantage of what their multicloud environment has to offer and in the future will take advantage of the latest cloud native technologies from Nutanix as they continue in their digital transformation journey.

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