Motech achieves ISO infosec certification

Motech, Ward Solutions
Pat Larkin, Ward Solutions and Paul Flavin, Motech



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2 November 2017 | 0

Medtech firm Motech has achieved ISO 27001 certification. The award, achieved with the consultancy services of Ward Solutions, recognises the medtech company’s efforts in information security.

Motech’s service is a cloud-based platform that uses custom algorithms and analytics to interpret, manage and store data to deliver a service which features location monitoring, fall detection, alert button, boundary management and two-way communication

Ward Solutions provided an audit of Motech’s security processes and provided comprehensive advice on how to achieve and manitain compliance.

“Achieving ISO 27001 is hugely important to all of us at Motech. It provides our customers, the large Service Providers, with the reassurance that the service user’s data is managed and held securely,” said Paul Flavin, CEO, Motech.

“As a healthcare technology company the accreditation is extremely important for the future development of our business, as it displays our professional approach to information security to potential customers and partners.”

Pat Larkin, CEO, Ward Solutions, said: “Over the last two to three years, as awareness of cyber security threats has continued to grow, it has become increasingly apparent that in order for businesses to work with one another, they must be able to demonstrate that they have appropriate processes and controls in place to safeguard each other’s information. ISO 27001 is a cast-iron guarantee that all the necessary processes and controls are in place and working.”

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