Merrion Vaults to provide offline storage for Bitcoin

Pictured: David Walsh and Seamus Fahy, Merrion Vaults

22 April 2014

Bitcoin ATM provider BitVendo and Merrion Vaults have formed a partnership to provide a secure cold storage service for the digital currency.

Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency developed to bypass government and central bank control, can be stored either offline in ‘wallets’ or online at exchanges where they can be bought and sold.

BitVendo introduced Ireland’s first Bitcoin ATM earlier this year at GSM Solutions on Abbey St. Upper in Dublin.

BitVendo CEO Megan Dolan said: “Our partnership with Merrion Vaults allows you to store your Bitcoin certificates and back up material in a high-quality and secure safe deposit vault in Dublin. Our clients now have access to this security at cost effective rate as part of our commitment to them.”

Seamus Fahy, founder of Merrion Vaults, said: “Merrion Vaults has a unique synergy with BitVendo. Both are committed to high security and quality of service. As banks not to store Bitcoin certificates, we will meet the need to make a secure safe deposit box facility available to BitVendo’s  unique client base,” he said.

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