Mater Hospital reduces carbon footprint with Novi cloud solution

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Michael Connolly, Mater Hospital and George O’Dowd, Novi

Hospital's green project will reduce carbon footprint by 81,000 tonnes



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23 September 2019 | 0

Novi has implemented Novi OneCloud, a flexible cloud solution to securely manage the Mater Hospital’s green energy infrastructure project. It is Ireland’s first integrated cloud service.

In a bid to adopt a secure, sustainable, cost-effective energy supply, the hospital is undertaking a retrofit of its infrastructure. Novi’s platform will coordinate all elements of the project; from the installation of low-energy lighting, to replacing windows and doors, and upgrading the air conditioning and heating systems.

The green project will reduce the hospitals carbon footprint by 81,000 tonnes, cut imported electricity from the national grid by 77%, and deliver €26 million in guaranteed energy and operational savings, it said.

Novi OneCloud manages the design, delivery, installation, commissioning and operation of the project. It enables collaboration between hospital staff, contractors and sub-contractors on project. All devices can access the Novi OneCloud platform, even without internet connection. The project portal automatically synchronises and updates one back online.

The cloud platform runs separately from the hospital’s IT network. Thus, its existing system is not placed under additional stress and its network – which contains sensitive data – is not compromised by granting third party access.

Security features

Security and data control are important considerations for the Mater Hospital. Novi integrated several layers of security features, such as two-factorauthentication and file encryption, to ensure minimal risk. Further, the solution helps the hospital to adhere to GDPR compliance as it controls who can access data and for how long. It stores all data in Ireland.

“Security is obviously a big concern for the Mater Hospital, and the extensive data control and multi-layered security features of Novi OneCloud has granted our team great peace of mind,” said Michael Connolly, ICT lead, Mater Hospital.

“We required a solution capable of quickly mobilising our distributed team without any complications,” said Alan Sharp, strategic director of estates and facilities, Mater Hospital. “Novi OneCloud has enabled us to do exactly that without any investment in hardware. It will be a huge help to us in achieving our environmental targets.”

“The Mater Hospital’s move to a greener energy infrastructure is a win-win for everyone involved. The hospital will enjoy significant cost-savings while greatly reducing its carbon footprint. The cloud platform is perfectly suited to their needs and will create further valuable savings which can be directed to patient care,” said George O’Dowd, managing director, Novi.

“Novi’s platform really ticked every box for us and it will have an invaluable benefit in terms of delivering the project both on time and according to plan.”

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