Marine partnership keeps lines of communication open with coastal communities

Mark O'Reilly, Trudy McIntyre and David Hyde of Fisheries Liaisons
Mark O'Reilly, Trudy McIntyre and David Hyde, Fisheries Liaisons

Green Rebel Marine, Fisheries Liaisons create one-stop-shop for fishing, energy sectors and communities



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6 November 2020 | 0

Green Rebel Marine has announced a strategic partnership with Fisheries Liaisons to ensure coastal communities are consulted and informed of the developments involving offshore wind farm operations.

“Having come from a fishing community, I really appreciate the importance of the industry to livelihoods around the coast,” said Pearse Flynn of Green Rebel Marine. “The roll out of offshore wind will cross with the fishing industry at a number of points, and this new relationship with Fisheries Liaisons Ltd will mean that fishermen and their representatives organisations will be kept in the loop at all times. We aim to create a one-stop-shop between the fishing sector, their communities and the energy companies looking to place wind farms in Irish territorial waters. This new sector will create jobs and secure the future of our coastal communities.”

Fisheries Liaison will be based from the headquarters of Green Rebel Marine in Crosshaven, Co Cork. Since its creation, Fishery Liaisons has built a solid reputation conducting site specific risk analysis for an array of marine projects. In recent years, the company has evolved into the main stakeholder engagement partner for offshore wind project developers and the fishing community at large.




Mark O’Reilly of Fisheries Liaisons added: “This is an opportunity for us to grow our team and provide a better service to the stakeholders concerned with this developing industry. We can now expand our presence on the ground and provide even more efficient support. Joining forces with Green Rebel Marine provides the platform we need to safeguard our fishing communities whilst enabling the development of offshore renewable energy towards a greener future for all. With energy companies now looking to place infrastructure at sea, we need to ensure that there is advance engagement at every turn, and that the fishing communities know they can rely on us to both listen and to convey their opinions in a timely and meaningful way.”

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