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LG’s G8 rumoured to have attachable screen

Speculation begins ahead of Mobile World Congress
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21 January 2019

LG’s next G8 flagship phone is rumoured to have an attachable screen, according to CNET.

Mobile World Congress is due next month which will announce a whole bunch of weird and wonderful smartphones to the world. This year’s trend is foldable, with the Royole FlexPai being the first commercially available phone you can fold in half showcased during CES a week ago, and the Samsung’s Galaxy S10 rumour to potentially involve bendy hardware too.

LG appears to be bucking the foldable trend, at least for the moment, favouring an option for a second-screen attachment. The device has been liked to a ‘sort of case with a screen’ and could double the total screen size of the device.

Smartphone innovation has been fairly stagnant over the past few years, with an increased focus on cameras being the main hardware upgrade – but this year is shaping up to be a different beast already.

It’s unclear whether the screen will be sold as part of the initial product or separately, but one thing is for sure, this year’s MWC is already shaping up to be a very interesting time.

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