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WFH has changed everything, including the demand for better broadband



11 January 2021 | 0

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Employees in Ireland and around the world are working from home (WFH) full time. This new normal has brought new challenges to organisations and employees.


According to findings from CrowdStrike’s 2020 Work Security Index, 62% of employees are working from home using their personal devices to carry out work tasks whilst working remotely, even as they believe these devices are not secure against advanced security threats.




Roctel’s Rocsolid Home leverages the best in class security and technology to offer the fastest, most secure and most reliable WFH broadband services.

Poor connectivity

Research from Zen Internet has found that 89% of home workers experience an unreliable Internet connection while working from home, and nearly half having slow and/or unreliable Internet connection.

Unreliable home broadband connectivity is the primary technical challenge businesses are having to deal with all employees working remotely from their homes.

Rocsolid Home is a dual Internet access service, which is diversely routed and remotely managed to offer high availability underpinned by best in class Cisco infrastructure. Roctel is carrier independent, it aggregates the best connectivity for a given location or city with best-in-class software defined wide area network-based services.

Poor upload speeds

Many families have two parents and a bunch of kids, all putting stress on the network by using bandwidth at the same time. The really big issue you should be concerned about is upload capacity when it comes to online learning and work-based video conferencing. Most Internet service providers offer upload capacity that’s only a mere fraction of the download capacity, with the average home in Ireland having an average of 8.67Mb/s according to Ookla.

No backup Internet service

The vast majority of home workers do not have any kind of backup Internet service. Unforeseen events can and do happen, from network faults and power outages to extreme weather conditions which can impact your primary service, therefore affecting your business.

Rocsolid Home is a wide area network monitoring service for routers that have a mission-critical function for failover connectivity on the primary circuit. It features a manned network management centre which displays individual specified routers, and ensures integrity of their hardware and internetwork operating system. Rocsolid Home will failover to fixed, wireless or mobile connections depending on location and set up.


While a secure, backup Internet connection is the most surefire way to avoid a loss of productivity due to internet outage, the cost can be prohibitive for some businesses, especially smaller ones. This cost would be too much to expect the home worker to bare.

Time management

Time management is a challenge during normal times, but when working remotely, it can be tougher without the parameters you are accustomed to when you are in the office.

All the above-mentioned challenges prevent employees from working effectively and limits their engagement and collaboration.

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