Ireland sixth most expensive in Europe for broadband


Consumers spending an average 1.6% of net yearly income on connectivity



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19 April 2021 | 0

Irish people spend more of their income on broadband than those in the majority of European countries.

According to a study of what Europeans pay for broadband relative to annual net income, Ireland ranked 18 out of 37 countries. used price data from and net yearly salary data from Numbeo to calculate the results.




Irish people use 1.6% of their net yearly income (€29,404.65) to pay for broadband each year (€489.49), tying it with Russia and Sweden in the ranking.


Cost relative to net income found that 7.1% of Albanians net annual income (€4,100.58) is taken up by their broadband bill for the year (€292.37), making it the highest in Europe. In second place is North Macedonia, where 6.8% of citizens yearly net salary (€4,363.41) goes towards the cost of broadband for a year (€300.58).

Montenegro (4.4%), Greece (4.3%), Portugal (3.3%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (3.2%) and Serbia (3.1%) are among the other countries where citizens are using more than 3% of their annual net income to pay for broadband for the year, respectively ranking third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh. 

On the other end of the scale, Switzerland placed 23rd. Swiss citizens use just 1.1% of their annual net salary (€61,659.94) to enjoy the benefits of broadband for an average spend of €699.59 for the year.

Solely in terms of broadband cost, Irish citizens pay the sixth most for broadband internet in Europe, at an annual cost of €489.49 – equivalent to €40.79 per month.

Meanwhile Norwegians spend the most in Europe at an average yearly sum of €798.12 – the equivalent of €66.51 per month. Ukrainians pay an average of just €64.66 for 12 months of broadband – the lowest amount in Europe.

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