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Intellicom helps 11890 to thrive with Google telephony integration

11890 slashes operational costs by 600%
L-R: Neil Wisdom, Intellicom and Nicola Byrne, 11890

29 August 2019

Intellicom has completed a telephony integration project with directory services provider, 11890. The project integrated Google indexed business data with 11890’s hosted contact centre platform.

11890’s operational costs have since dropped, saving almost 600%. It also improved call quality for its customers, with a 30% reduction in call handling times, according to the company. Agent productivity has soared, as 11890 agents can take more calls each day and customer-service is faster and more accurate.

Intellicom has been providing the hosted contact centre functionality that powers 11890’s direct enquiry business since 2008.




One-click search and retrieve functionality between 11890’s enquiry dashboard and Google My Business allows agents to send the requested information to callers by SMS, Interactive Voice Responses or direct phone transfer connection. Google My Business is an index of self-administered and verified contact information for businesses.  With over 80% of 11890’s calls relating to business number searches, the company says it fits its needs perfectly.

“We needed a technology solution that would involve deep integration with our hosted PBX and tightly align to the search workflows for our directory enquiries staff. The Intellicom solution achieves this for us without breaking the bank,” said Sandra Maher, COO, 11890. 

Cian Maher, CTO, Intellicom, said: “The development work, while intricate, time-consuming and tricky in parts, enhanced their hosted PBX technology and delivered real service innovation, helping to futureproof 11890 and keep it relevant in a market which has changed unrecognisably.”

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