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IERC sparks age of energy prosumer

Pictured: Eddie Conroy, South Dublin County Council; Rene Pereen and Dr John Dalton, DIT; Dr. Matthew Kennedy, Tyndall National Institute; and Dudley Stewart, MPower

22 December 2017

A clean energy project that seeks to gives consumers the option to buy and sell energy been announced by the The International Energy Research Centre (IERC).

The €1.62 million project, Community Grid, will feed into an existing network in Tallaght and will demonstrate local potential to regulators and grid operators.

The project will recruit 20 prosumers from the existing pool of more than 200 residential and commercial prosumers, energy supply companies, and co-operatives.

Rene Pereen of Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) will act as principal investigator with support from industry, civil society and the public sector partners such as Siemens, MPower, South Dublin County Council, Community Renewable Energy Supply, MSemicon, and Systemlink.

Prof Brian O’Neill, Director of Research, Enterprise, & Innovation Services at DIT, said: “The Community Grid solution allows much more electricity to be produced by communities, without jeopardising the reliability of the grid. It will accelerate the energy transition towards renewable energy and opens up the electricity industry to a whole range of young, smaller players. Communities will benefit greatly from local renewable energy potential in eg solar, hydro, biomass, and wind. This grid-edge industry is reflected in the mix of large, established players as well as small, new players represented in the consortium.”

Prof Tony Day, Executive Director, IERC, said: “Through the Community grid project, the IERC will work with Irish SMEs alongside multi-national companies, local government and communities to demonstrate how technologies can be used in new community led, smart and low carbon energy systems.”

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