Prof JC Desplat, Irish Centre for High End Computing

ICHEC fast tracks access for Covid-19 projects

Selected projects will be given use of KAY supercomputer
Prof JC Desplat, Irish Centre for High End Computing

23 March 2020

The Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC) has announced that researchers with approved projects will be given fast-track access to the national high-performance computer, ‘KAY’.

ICHEC will ensure all Covid-19 related research is prioritised on Kay. This includes fast-track access, prioritised compute jobs and code optimisation support on one of the most powerful computers in Ireland.

In Europe, PRACE, the Partnership for Advanced Computing, of which Ireland is a member, is also supporting scientists to combat Covid-19 through priority access to HPC resources. A similar move was also announced by the National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC) Singapore.




ICHEC will consider all research providing it has either been peer-reviewed via a funding body (eg the Health Research Board or the European Commission) or, can demonstrate it is an existing activity approved or in collaboration with a government agency for example the HSE, for Covid-19 related work. ICHEC will provide up to one million core hours and 1Tb of storage for each approved project.

JC Desplat, Director, ICHEC, (pictured) said: “Research at the molecular level and the epidemiological level which contributes to understanding this virus, developing vaccines against it, or understanding how it spreads, are vital to support the national effort to combat Covid-19. HPC offers researchers the ability to test models at speeds traditional computing methods are incapable of.”

Scientists and researchers interested in accessing HPC should contact for details.

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