Niall O’Toole, Hubbcat

Hubbcat contact tracing system to aid reopening of offices, factories and shops

Multinationals, manufacturers consider AllSafe system
Niall O’Toole, Hubbcat

20 April 2021

Wicklow-based telecommunications company Hubbcat has launched a contract tracing system which will enable employees to return to work safely.

Hubbcat AllSafe uses a clip-on Bluetooth device which vibrates or makes a chriping noise if the wearers are within 2 metres of each other for more than 30 seconds. It also keeps a record of close contacts for tracing purposes should there be a confirmed case in the workplace.

If an employee is feeling unwell or tests positive, they can report this through an online portal and administrative staff can then easily and rapidly identify their close contacts.




The system is unique in that operates on non-personally identifiable information and is not linked to mobile phones, ensuring data is safe, secure and private.

Hubbcat’s chief commercial officer Niall O’Toole explained: “The fundamental purpose of AllSafe is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees in the workplace. The simplicity of the system is key, and it allows employers to easily and quickly isolate outbreaks and prevent them spreading. Not only does this keep employees safe, it can save an enormous amount of time and money for companies. I think employees will be reassured that AllSafe is private and secure, as it doesn’t need any personally identifiable information in order to function.

“There has been huge interest in AllSafe since we started discussing it with our existing clients and extensively testing it. A number of large multinational companies based in Ireland are looking to adopting, and it has already been adopted by some of Ireland’s biggest manufacturers. Our clients have been really impressed by how simple and effective it is, and how quickly it can be rolled out.”

Hubbcat provides communications tools and systems to major companies and organisations across the globe, including Europe, North America and South America with clients in the transport, pharmaceutical, security and hospitality sectors.

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