Hortonworks plans more packaged solutions for data science and IoT

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23 April 2018 | 0

Hortonworks has shifted towards offering technology bundles aimed at specific use cases to make adoption simpler for enterprise customers, and is planning to launch more later this year, with a focus on IoT.

The vendor of open source data management technology, which went public in 2014, heavily touted this strategy at last year’s Dataworks Summit in Munich, and has since gone to market with three packaged solutions:

  • Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) optimisation package, which is Hortonworks and partner technology in a bundled stack
  • Data science bundles – these are a result of the vendor’s partnership with IBM and comprise the core Hadoop stack, Spark, Zeppelin and Hive, as well as IBM’s data science experience tool
  • A cyber security package based on Apache Metron

The idea is to package up core software licences for technology like Apache Hadoop or Spark or Metron, with support services and several weeks of professional services thrown in, with the aim of solving specific problems.

This is different to industry-specific packages aimed at manufacturing or automotive, which the vendor also sells and are more commonplace in the industry.

Speaking at the Dataworks Summit, which Hortonworks hosts, in Berlin, chief technology officer Scott Gnau said: “I expect you will see us with some additional solutions for the year. They may be specific to some data science use cases or IoT use cases we are in the process of launching now.”

The idea for the vendor is to attract new customers that are not looking to completely rebuild their data architecture, offering them a solution to a specific problem, proving the value of their technology stack in the process. Hortonworks then hopes to convert those customers into subscribers further down the line.

As Gnau put it: “Those solution models are great because frankly a lot of buyers will hear a pitch about the ‘modern data architecture’ and their eyes will roll into the back of their head and say ‘that sounds really hard, I really just want to go an solve this problem’.

“So the nice thing about these solution bundles is we can show up to solve this thing and it’s very demonstrable and measurable and time constrained in terms of time to market but it brings with it all of that core technology which is really required to start going down that path.”



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