Hands On: Nextbase 422GW with rear view module

The Nextbase 422GW QUAD HD dash cam (Image: Nextbase)

Series cameras seriously increase capabilities and feature set



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1 July 2019 | 0

Nextbase has quickly established itself as a maker of high quality dash cams, having received approval from insurance providers.

Last year, the 312GW was reviewed as a well spec’ed, solid performer for a very competitive price.

Fast forward to 2019 and the company has released a second series of devices that are smarter, better integrated and with more features.




The review model this time is 422GW, with the rear view module.

It is always a good sign when a vendor listens to its customers, and that influence seems to have had a significant impact on the second series of devices. This is evidenced by the inclusion of a small tool to help users install the USB cable.

The 422GW camera copes well in tricky light conditions.

When reviewing the 312GW, this hack used a plastic bicycle tyre lever to gently prise trim panels just enough to route the cable behind. It was also useful to push the cable into convenient recesses, for safety and aesthetic considerations. The tool included with the 422GW looks almost exactly the same, but has rounded edges and a slightly better angle for leverage — perfect! This is further added to with a new magnetic click and go mounting mechanism. The secure system holds the cam firmly, but still allows it to be easily removed with one hand. A 3M adhesive pad for the mounting base is re-usable too, in the event of moving the device.

The 422GW is a QUAD HD, GPS-equipped dash cam, with 2.5” high definition touch screen and an HDMO port that allows the rear facing camera module to be plugged in. Combined, they allow a superb quality capture both front and rear.

When the main forward facing camera is properly, the 30 degree rear view lens can be set to the desired position thanks to a gimbal type mounting.

Recording at 30 FPS in 1440p QUAHD, the 422GW camera works well, even in low light and transitions quickly, as would be required when going from bright sunlight into a parking garage.

Once connected to the car’s power through a 12V outlet, the 422GW detects the ignition and begins recording automatically. However, there is also an intelligent parking mode that automatically detects motion, such a s a shunt and begins recording — no more anonymous shopping centre car park nudges!

The rear camera module gives clear, readable images for extra protection.

And it is this kind of feature set that takes the 422GW a step above its predecessors. It also has Alexa integration, to control not only entertainment functions but also place calls, get directions, find parking and more. You can even instruct Alex to send dash cam footage to your phone, once equipped with the app.

A significant new feature is the SOS function. In the event of an incident, the emergency alert can guide the emergency services to your location, while also forwarding vital details such as blood type, to ensure timely and efficient treatment.

There is support for up to a 128GB microSD card, and support for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC, but also a cloud option via MyNextbase Cloud.

The 422GW is unobtrusive, and simply works. The videos were clear, crisp and easily referenced with the 1-minute clips. Even the rear view clips allowed number plates to be easily read.

The install is easier than before, and the feature set is massively expanded to integrate with complementary systems. The price point is highly competitive and insurance company endorsement is reassuring for what is already a significant enhancement to road safety. Whether upgrading or just getting onboard, the 422GW is a very solid base.

The Nextbase 422GW dash cam is available from €155, with the rear view module available at €69.


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