Hands On: Nextbase 312GW dashcam

The Nextbase 312GW dashcam (Image: Nextbase)

Compact, comprehensive, and worth an insurance discount



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16 November 2018 | 0


One might have thought they were a novelty, a sign of paranoia, or just a bit of fun to document the daily commute, but dashcams are becoming an evermore common feature of today’s roads. And now, insurance providers here are starting to offer discounts for drivers who fit them.

This could not have come at a better time for the recently launched Nextbase range of HD dashcams.

The review model is 312GW, with media pack.

The specification list is impressive with not only full HD (1080p) recording at 30fps, but a 69mm (2.7”) full colour LED screen, and full Wi-Fi and GPS, allowing for smart phone control via an iOS and Android App.

There is an inbuilt battery, as well as USB power input, but despite this the unit weighs in at just 360g.

Fitting is easy, with a universal-jointed suction mount and a long enough USB cable to allow mounting in any desired position.

In testing, it mounted very neatly just below the rain sensor on Peugeot 5008, with enough cable slack to allow neat, unobtrusive routing. This gave the added benefit of zero configuration necessary for it to sense when the car was operating and so it does its thing with zero touch required.

The 6-element glass lens gives a 140-degree wide angle with minimal distortion and a wide capability from bright sunlight to sodium-lamp lit streets.

Clear and information packed recording from the Nextbase 312GW GPS and Wi-Fi equipped dashcam.

The media pack provided an 8GB microSD card, but up to 128GB capacities are compatible. This allows for a greater selection of recordings to be retained before overwrite. The 312GW records in 3-minute segments to make finding specifics within the recordings easier too.

The battery provides up to 30 minutes of independent recording in the event of vehicle main power loss, which may prove critical in an accident scenario.

In that eventuality, a g-sensor automatically protects files when impact is sensed for additional security.

The Nextbase 312GW retails for €139.99 without the media pack (MicroSD card). It is approved by the AA, but has been adopted here by Axa Insurance for its driver discount programme.

Other insurers such as FBD, Liberty Insurance and Avia now offer similar discount facilities.




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