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Google Maps to add EV charge points

New features give motorists ability to find and rate facilities
Image: Rathaphon Nanthapreecha via Pexels

18 April 2024

Google is expanding its Maps service in the coming months to include information about electric car charging stations.

The rollout will begin in the US before being rolled out internationally. Among the new EV-related features will be information on where to find a charge point but also how to schedule a charge and rate the location for speed.

For charging stations that are hard to find such as car parks, Google uses feedback from reviews of that location. With AI, it extracts clues like ‘drive through on the fourth floor to the end of the space and look right’. If they prove more reliable enough, they are fed to Maps and shown as tips.




For public, commercial charging stations, Maps is going to indicate whether and how many charging stations are still available and what the charging capacity is. Of course, some chargers are faster than others, so that information will be made available, as well.

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