Getting the best from homeworking in unprecedented times, and beyond

The right tools have benefits for comms, collaboration, project management, and more, says Zoho
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14 May 2020

In association with Zoho

The current health crisis has seen businesses in Ireland, and globally, face unknown disruption. With little notice, Governments advised citizens to work from home wherever possible. This may have been the first time some have faced operating remotely, with a dispersed employee base.

Business owners should ask, with homeworking likely to be around for a significant time, are the right tools in place to ensure you can seamlessly operate as if you would do in your usual office-space?




The right tools can enable benefits such as communication and collaboration, project management, help customer-facing teams deliver a positive customer experience, or facilitate internal or external training.

Communication is vital – both the content and delivery. Feeling connected is important for employees, as well as understanding how they can be as productive in their jobs as they would be in the office. Do they have easy access to the right people, materials and means of collaboration as they would do in person? Business leaders can ensure this and make sure the means of communication they employ are in line with their usual company culture.

The same office experience can be replicated with cloud applications. An office-suite of applications can safely and securely increase productivity, and can enable easy, transparent and real-time collaboration. Remote tools can be used to give support – whether to employees, customers or other stakeholders. They can enable companies to understand live issues, share help files and patches to resolve customer queries.

To help the business community, Zoho recently launched Remotely, a full virtual collaboration platform, offering eleven applications designed to enable businesses to operate successfully with a remote workforce. Each of the apps have been in the market for years and empower millions of users to be more productive every day. The platform provides the contextual workplace conducive to maintaining productivity in distributed workforce. Integrated collaboration and productivity tools ensure business continuity, while allowing the teams to work closely in a remote environment, preserving the company culture. This is being offered for free until 1 July and includes the following apps:

For Collaboration

  • Zoho Writer – powerful online word processor
  • Zoho Sheet – Spreadsheet application for data working
  • Zoho Show – to build beautiful presentations
  • Zoho Workdrive – Online document management

For Communication

  • Zoho Meeting – Online video platform
  • Zoho Showtime – Create classroom style virtual training sessions
  • Zoho Cliq – Internal office chat with group video functionality

For Remote customer support

  • Zoho Assist – Help customers through secure remote connections
  • Zoho Lens – Make remote assistance more engaging using augmented reality

For Project Management

  • Zoho Projects – Collaborate and manage multiple projects with your stakeholders
  • Zoho Sprints – Manage agile projects seamlessly

Zoho Remotely comes with an unified admin console to manage user permissions and access across your organisation.

Businesses should understand they can only be as successful as they enable their employees to be. The right technology can help businesses not just survive, but succeed.

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