Galaxy Note7 implicated in dramatic Jeep and house fires

A St. Petersburg, Florida man left his Note7 charging in his Jeep and then soon found the car engulfed in flames. Image: Fox 7 Tampa Bay/Macworld



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9 September 2016 | 0

Those who have yet to return their faulty Galaxy Note7 are literally playing with fire.

Two incidents in the US this week illustrate just how seriously Note7 owners ought to take the threat of the phone’s faulty battery. One example comes from a St. Petersburg, Florida man who left his new Note 7 charging inside of his Jeep while unloading furniture. He returned to find the car consumed in flames. The aftermath is pretty devastating.

Fire officials haven’t officially ruled that the Note7 was the cause, but it’s nearly impossible to find another reason for why the Jeep would spontaneously catch fire.

In another case, a man from Horry County, South Carolina saw his garage catch fire, with investigators ruling that the blaze originated near a wall outlet where his Note7 was charging. He had left the phone plugged in for about an hour, and found his home in flames when returning after picking up his children from school.

Both fires are still under investigation, so it could be some time before any final ruling and attempts to get compensation from Samsung. The company had confirmed 35 incidents as of 1 September but clearly some owners have held onto their phones.

Samsung wil be operating a replacement programme for concerned Note7 owners from 19 September. You can register for it here.

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