Founder Factory recasts as Factory44

Creative hub operator plans to add more locations in the coming 24 months

18 September 2023

Dublin-based on-demand creative studio The Founder Factory has completed a rebrand to Factory44. The transition marks company’s evolution from a niche service provider for start-ups and founders, to a membership-based hub for creatives catering to the diverse and time-sensitive content needs of businesses. 

Under the entrepreneurs Bernard Nolan and Robbie Phelan, Factory44 has expanded from a staff of two at the beginning of 2023 to eight full-time staff members.

Having closed a €250,000 pre-seed investment earlier this year, the funding is being allocated towards business expansion and recruitment, with a particular emphasis on scaling the company’s multi-faceted content department and launching new locations in the coming 24 months. 

Nolan has held senior management positions in renowned tech companies along with founding multiple startups in fields such as MedTech and AI recruitment. Bernard has won multiple startup awards, including Ireland’s Best Healthcare Start-up in 2017 at the National Start-Up Awards. His Factory44 co-founder Phelan is a seasoned sales and operations senior manager, who previously co-founded a HR technology company that delivers an AI-powered talent experience platform. Both are now focused on disrupting Ireland’s content creation scene.

Nolan said: “In today’s hyper-competitive economy, businesses at every stage of development need on-demand access to dedicated content experts, without paying lofty fees. Whether you’re a startup looking to establish a strong digital presence, a founder seeking to expand your sphere of influence and personal brand, or an established enterprise aiming to refresh your brand narrative, Factory44 has the expertise to craft best-in-class content that aligns with and supports your business objectives.”

Phelan added: “By only paying for what they need, our expanding client base derives fantastic value from our dedicated in-house experts, who are treated like an extension of their team – reliable, dedicated and invested in their success.”

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