Fastcom Telecom launches cloud back-up service for SMEs



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6 May 2012 | 0

Regional Internet service provider Fastcom Telecom has unveiled FibreCloud, a new cloud-based back-up product for small-to-medium size businesses.

Using private cloud technology, compression and encryption software, FibreCloud automatically stores company data on dedicated server space in Fastcom’s data centre. The data is also replicated to a secondary data centre. So not only will the data be backed up off site but will also be encrypted and located in two off site locations. In contrast to some online backup services which may offer slightly lower rates, Fastcom customers have the added assurance that their data is stored within an Irish data centre, enabling fast access to data in the event of an emergency.

Conor Toomey, technical director and co-founder of Fastcom Telecom, said: "For small and medium businesses running on tight margins, keeping pace with technology can eat into precious profits and balloon operating expenses. Cloud computing means it has never been easier for these companies to quickly gain access to enterprise grade, mission-critical applications than now… Disaster can strike at any time and by disaster I mean everything from an employee simply forgetting to carry out a manual back-up through to fire or flood. Regardless of the threat, in an increasingly data-rich world, the consequences can seriously disrupt your business operations. A secure, automatic on-line back-up service ensures your vital data is always safe and within your control."

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