Facebook to extend ban on misinformation ahead of US midterm elections

Social networks look to minimise impact of fake news
(Image: PCWorld)

17 October 2018

Facebook will start to ban false information ahead of the US midterms next month. This isn’t a new move for the leading social media platform, but after the fiasco of the 2016 presidential elections, Facebook is doubling its efforts to ensure it isn’t used as a medium to force political agendas.

Several posts back in 2016 provided misinformation about alternative ways to vote or posting incorrect dates altogether, this level of voting manipulation is something Facebook is actively fighting against – promising to ban content that spreads deliberate misinformation.

Users will be able to flag these posts through new tools that will be deployed, allowing third party fact-checkers to inspect them.

Facebook is attempting to clear up their platform in general after a rough few years of scandals and negative publicity. The coming midterms will be an interesting test for the platform to see if they can control the environment, making it a safer and less combative place.

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