Facebook takes on climate change misinformation

Giving users access to science-based news, approachable information, and actionable resources

18 February 2021

Facebook is working to connect people with credible climate change information through its expanded Climate Science Information Centre.

The Centre connects users with science-based news, approachable information, and actionable resources from the world’s leading climate change organisations. It also includes detailed deep dives that go beyond the basic facts, as well as ways to get involved, with information that is relevant to where you live.

Facebook also added a section where climate communication experts from the George Mason University, the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, and the University of Cambridge debunk common climate myths.   




“Misinformation about climate change long predates the internet, but has been greatly amplified in our new digital world,” said Dr Anthony Leiserowitz, Yale Program on Climate Change Communication. “This new myth busting section of the Facebook Climate Science Information Center can help raise public climate change awareness and understanding worldwide.”

“The spread of damaging falsehoods endangers the level of international cooperation required to prevent catastrophic global warming,” added Dr Sander van der Linden, University of Cambridge. “Facebook is in a unique position to counter the circulation of online misinformation, and the new climate ‘mythbusting’ section is an important step toward debunking dangerous falsehoods.” 

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