Rohit Kapoor, EXL

EXL expands establishes international business headquarters in Dublin

Plans in place to add up to 200 AI and data engineers and other technology positions
Rohit Kapoor, EXL

2 October 2023

Data analytics and digital operations and solutions company EXL is opening a headquarters for international business in Dublin with plans to hire up to 200 AI and data engineers and other technology positions over the next three years.

EXL’s employs more than 8,000 data scientists and 1,500 generative AI experts globally who are developing AI, cloud enablement and data integration technologies and continually introducing new technologies to the marketplace.

As part of its expansion into Ireland, EXL announced a new collaboration with University College Dublin. EXL and UCD’s cooperation was made possible by the Irish government’s Human Capital Initiative, and applied AI centre CeADAR.




“Developing innovative technology solutions to complex business problems is at the heart of what EXL does for our clients, and by expanding our presence in Ireland, we are gaining access to a truly world class talent market and a key geographic hub for our global operations,” said Rohit Kapoor, vice chairman and chief executive officer of EXL. “We will look to train AI experts in Ireland to unlock the transformative power of generative AI, revolutionize industries and drive new business opportunities. Dublin’s exceptional talent pool will help us shape the future of technology, fueling innovation and propelling our clients to the forefront of the global AI landscape.”

Mary Buckley, executive director of IDA Ireland, added: ‘’EXL’s plan to open a headquarters for international business in Ireland and to hire up to 200 data and AI specialists in Dublin over the next three years is very welcome. The collaboration between EXL and UCD is also welcome and has potential to drive skills in AI, machine learning and data analytics.’’

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