EpicCare moves to Azure cloud

Pictured: John Roddy, Codec-dss; Jennifer Hughes, Clanwilliam Health; Richard O’Leary, Epic Solutions; and Frank O’Donnell, Microsoft Ireland

17 October 2017

Care management system epicCare has announced it is moving to Microsoft Azure Cloud to meet the growing demand in aged care and the increasing amount of data nursing homes are generating.

The move is considered essential in facilitating the company’s growing client base and in providing greater data resilience for the significant number of electronic patient care records in nursing homes across Ireland.

According to the Central Statistics Office, the 80 plus age group will rise ‘dramatically’ in years ahead. Figures suggest that the proportion of the population aged 80 or over will increase from approximately 128,000 in 2011 to reach 344,900 by 2036.

“Our decision to invest in the Microsoft Azure Cloud was based on a number of factors,” said Richard O’Leary, managing director of epicCare provider Epic Solutions. “Not only does it allow us to scale dynamically and cost effectively, it enables us to provide greater levels of business and data resilience for our clinical and patient care records. The amount of data that our customers are capturing has doubled the recent years, reflecting the increased demand for nursing home accommodation.”

“Furthermore, the Microsoft Azure platform offers significant advantages through its value-added offerings such as cognitive services. These services perfectly align with our software design philosophy-changing the way users interact with technology. The latest epicCare upgrade, due for release before the end of the year, incorporates new features such as voice dictation, touch and clinical decision support. These innovations will improve ease-of-use and make the system more engaging and intuitive, allowing users to focus more on patient care and clinical excellence.”

Frank O’Donnell, public sector lead, Microsoft Ireland, said: “Microsoft Azure will provide epicCare with a secure platform that can handle the increasing data being generated through electronic patient care records. Our integrated cloud services also provides the scalability required by epicCare for future growth. The use of technology in this way will drive benefits within the care setting through supporting more accurate and secure care records that support a better care environment for patients.”

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