EMC joins OpenStack, likens it to Linux development


14 December 2012

Looking to stay up to date on the latest trends in the cloud computing world, EMC has become an official sponsor of OpenStack.

EMC already had some involvement in OpenStack; VMware, which it owns a share of, joined OpenStack earlier this year, to the dismay of some in the community.

But EMC Global Marketing CTO Chuck Hollis says the company is looking to make sure it works with various cloud platforms moving forward. He notes that VMware has been the "first and best" cloud stack, but that the market demands choices. EMC has worked closely with Microsoft to integrate compatibility of EMC products in the company’s Azure cloud and Hyper-V hypervisor, he notes. But EMC wants to make sure it’s in on the open source movement codified by OpenStack too. "Much like Linux has matured into a serious enterprise operating environment, OpenStack is visibly on much the same trajectory," he says. "And the OpenStack Foundation is the key industry nexus point for the evolution of a growing number of different-flavoured distributions and editions."




During the early days of Linux, EMC work on technical integrations, contributions to community projects and ensuring that various distributions of the code were qualified to work on EMC products through APIs. Hollis says he expects a similar path will be taken with EMC’s work in OpenStack. The first feature he expects EMC to work on is Cinder, the block storage service OpenStack announced as an early-stage project during its last Folsom release.

Hollis says in informal discussions with customers and partners, interest in OpenStack has picked up in the past six months. "It’s gone from a small handful of devotees to a much larger crowd of enterprise IT shops and IT service providers who now have the technology on their roadmap in one form or another," he writes.

EMC will be rubbing elbows in OpenStack with some familiar company, including other industry stalwarts like Cisco, HP, Dell, IBM and Red Hat.


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