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Patrick Hogan, NRG Store
Patrick Hogan, NRG Store

NRG Store aims to keep traders in business during Covid-19 pandemic



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19 March 2020 | 0

NRG Store is offering to host small Irish retailers on its online sales platform for free as Covid-19 continues to impact trading conditions.

NRG Store was set up to provide Ireland’s first all inclusive click-and-delivery service for anyone interested in construction, renovation or home improvements. Some €1 million has been invested into the development of the company’s website and app.

NRG Store currently sells 13,000 products including tools, furniture and smart devices. The website is being adapted to support other local retailers who want to quickly move online.




Founder and managing director Patrick Hogan explained: “The idea behind NRG Store was to provide consumers with a wide choice of goods and services that would allow them to fully complete a home build from start to finish. However, we believe that the platform can be adjusted to support many more businesses who risk a significant drop in traditional income as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Technology can and should be used to support all retailers during this time. Initially, we plan to invite companies in Cork city and county to join NRGStore.ie, however if successful we can extend the project.”

Goods ordered through NRG Store can be shipped from traditional retail outlets using established delivery pathways, and offers consumers the option of contactless sales.

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