DreamSpace Hub programme fills STEAM education gap with virtual learning experiences

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Microsoft releases series of tailored lessons and resources for schools



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30 September 2020 | 0

Microsoft Ireland has unveiled a virtual programme of lessons to help schools teach digital skills while Covid-19 restriction prohibit visits the company’s DreamSpace hub.

Developed over the summer by Microsoft’s education team, the DreamSpace Digital Education Programme provides tailored experiences are available to primary and post-primary students. Engaging two schools per day, each session is two hours long and learning experiences include a virtual tour of Microsoft, exploration of AI, activities and coding.

Additionally, Microsoft has created DreamSpace TV, a series of lessons aimed at students in primary schools, that will go live every Tuesday for the next 10 weeks. Subsequent episodes, which will support both primary and post-primary students, will follow in January 2021. 




Microsoft has also developed DreamSpace Teacher, which enables teachers to deliver their own DreamSpace experience in the classroom or by way of independent learning modules for students. Each DreamSpace Teacher package contains a scheme of work and classroom resources including tutorial videos, worksheets, challenge activities and extension activities.

Cathriona Hallahan, managing director, Microsoft Ireland, said: “Our DreamSpace experience is extremely popular and since launching in 2018 it has engaged over 40,000 students in tailored STEAM experiences, opening their minds to a new way of learning and the possibility that technology holds for them in their future careers.

“With schools back open, we can continue to connect with and engage schools, teachers and students across the country through a number of exciting and immersive STEAM [Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths] education programmes. In its virtual form, our DreamSpace experience will once again bring STEAM education alive and DreamSpace TV will enable even more students to engage in and learn through STEAM experiences. It’s testament to the quality of the TV series created that we have teamed up with RTÉjr to extend the weekly lessons to their online audience.”

The new DreamSpace learning and teaching supports build on the success of DreamSpace HomeSpace, an online resource launched in March of this year as schools closed due to the pandemic. DreamSpace HomeSpace enabled young people to engage in STEAM from home via free webinars. Additionally, Microsoft provided free remote learning resources and support to teachers, parents and students.

DreamSpace TV is online at www.aka.ms/DreamSpaceTV and www.rte.ie/learn.

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