Construction industry gets mobile with SmartBuilder1


29 June 2011

SmartBuilder Software has announced the launch of SmartBuilder1, a software system for the Irish and UK construction markets.

Compatible with Android smartphone and tablets, the application is designed to help construction professionals identify on-site challenges, track reasons for delays, and direct people from in-field to solve them. Data is updated in real time to reflect progress made.

Instead of taking out drawings, markers, clipboards, notebooks and digital cameras, users can tick issues off, image problems, mark-up drawings electronically on-screen, and communicate any changes needed to fix the defects. Smartbuilder1 also provides an audit trail of everything that happens on-site which is then stored in the cloud.

Peter Daly, managing director, SmartBuilder Software, said: “Given that world construction output is $7.5 trillion annually and that there are 5 billion mobile phones on the planet, the potential overlap between these sectors is huge. Smartphones and tablets will be everywhere on construction sites within a few years but they need the right software to be really useful. That is where our offering comes in. We see a lot of evidence that the Irish, UK and international construction sector is ready to embrace this technology which can make an important contribution to productivity.”




Headquartered in NovaUCD, SmartBuilder Software was established in 2010 by Daly and Richard Mulcahy. The company is primarily focused on the UK market and also has a London office.

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