Collaboration the focus at inaugural Limerick Innovation Virtual Event

Showcase highlights benefits of digital transformation
(L-R) Mayor of Limerick City and County, Daniel Butler, and Prof Kerstin Mey, University of Limerick president. Image: Brian Arthur

10 December 2021

Collaboration was the main topic at the inaugural Limerick Innovation Virtual Event. The showcase was broadcast from UL’s Science Foundation Ireland Confirm centre in Castletroy, highlighted how collaboration can help the people of Limerick benefit from digital transformation.

Live is part of Limerick City and County Council’s Smart Limerick programme, which is funded in part through the European Union’s Urbact ‘Find Your Greatness’ project.

Limerick’s first ever drone lunch-drop also took place during the event, and sessions were held on ‘Digital Transformation & Education’ and the need to future-proof the talent supply-chain.




Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest (TUS) and University of Limerick hosted presentations on their innovation enterprises, while the Limerick Makers Club outlined its activities and issued an open invitation to other ‘makers’ to join the growing innovation movement.

On the second day, the All-Ireland Smart Cities strategy was launched, as were the findings of a study on Digital Inclusion in Limerick. Limerick based multi-nationals Dell and Analog Devices delivered talks.

Daniel Butler, Mayor of the City and County of Limerick said: “Limerick is a success story in innovation and digital transformation because of the level of collaboration. We have so many of the key partners at the table here in Limerick; the local authority, the education institutions, private sector, civic organisations, all buying into ‘digital Limerick’. Everyone in society, whether they realise it or not, is engaged by the digital transformation. So, when you have all the key partners working together in a way that few others do, you are bound to have an edge in connecting with everyone in society and bringing them on that journey.

“We pride ourselves on being a Smart City and part of being a smart city is to use information and communications technology to enhance the quality, performance and interactivity of our services.  It is also about making sure we are prepared to respond to challenges by co-designing our future: people, council, business, and researchers working together to do this.”

“This Smart City event today highlights the level of innovation in Limerick and it also highlights the number of stakeholders involved,” said Prof Kerstin Mey, president of UL. “It is really a showcase for quintuple helix innovation, where the city, the government, the businesses, communities, the University all work together in order to change the life of people in the city. This kind of collaboration brings innovation to life and really makes a change to people’s life in the city.”

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