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Businesses can’t wait any longer for quantum computing, Fujitsu study finds

Most business leaders believe arrival will speed up digital transformation
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23 May 2019

Business leaders are impatient for the arrival of quantum computing and are eager to take advantage of the disruptive process optimisation it promises, according to new research from Fujitsu.

The research, conducted by independent analyst firm PAC from a pool of 350 business leaders, confirms that businesses are increasingly frustrated by the rate at which quantum computing is progressing, and are excited by the Fuijitsu Digital Annealer, a technology that solves intractable problems at speed and can support business transformation.

Quantum computing is in its infancy, but still, 75% of participants in the UK and Ireland have heard it and demand is growing for its disruptive power.




Anticipating its benefits, 81% of business leaders believe its arrival will speed up the optimisation of business, logistical and industrial processes and help deliver digital transformation.

The rate of change is anticipated to be slow, as 50% of respondents do not expect quantum computing to go mainstream in the next decade and 89% blame insufficient computing power for holding back business process revolution.

Still, the demand for business process optimisation is significant as 66% said that current solutions are more appealing than waiting for experimental quantum technology. However, 66% of participants believe that a competitor’s adoption of quantum computing would cause disruption in their sector.

Inspired by the Fuijitsu Quantum, the Digital Annealer enables businesses to become a disruptive force with instant access to complex, previously unmanageable data variables.

The study found that 70% of participants acknowledge Digital Annealer’s ability to accelerate an organisations journey to quantum-computing through enabling organisations to run real-time combinatorial optimisation algorithms, without having to wait for quantum computers.

Yves de Beauregard, head of digital business solutions at Fujitsu EMEIA, says: “Everyone talks about the fear of disruption. Business leaders are keenly aware of this threat and opportunity but are disappointed that quantum computing is still too far in the future and too fragile for practical business use situations.

“This underlines why we’re seeing such high levels of interest in the Fujitsu Digital Annealer’s ability to combinatorial business optimisation calculations. The Digital Annealer is already commercially available, has demonstrated tangible results in sectors such as financial services, manufacturing and automotive, and is already being deployed today by forward-thinking businesses aiming to become a disruptive force.”

Available now as a subscription-based service, the Digital Annealer includes technical and consulting services and support. The service can be either cloud-hosted or on-premise. Pricing depends on region and configuration.

Organisations from eight countries and a diverse range of sectors, including manufacturing, financial services and retail, took part in the survey.

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