Cormac Ryan, Enet

BBnet signs on with Enet for backhaul capacity expansion

New deal will allow for resilient connectivity across Munster and Connacht
Cormac Ryan, Enet

3 December 2020

Wholesale network operator Enet has announced a significant backhaul deal with BBnet, a provider of fibre and wireless broadband services to Irish and international business and residential customers.

The new agreement will see BBnet gain access to an aggregated capacity of 100Gb/s across Ireland, allowing them to scale up their services across the country and bring greater competition to the Irish broadband market.

This additional backhaul capacity will deliver highly resilient core network points to BBnet’s regional networks across Counties Clare, Cork, Dublin, Galway, Kerry and Limerick. The Enet network will also allow BBnet to split its dependency on Dublin for international connectivity by also adding connectivity in Cork via Cork Internet Exchange (CIX).




Cormac Ryan, commercial director, Enet (pictured) said: “Improving connectivity and competition within the Irish broadband market – particularly in more rural parts of the country – will be an essential driver of economic growth in the years to come and as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic. This significant expansion of BBnet’s backhaul capacity will be a huge boost for businesses and consumers across Munster and Connacht, helping them to enjoy greater connectivity and reliability when it comes to their broadband.

Gurmukh Neote, CEO, BBnet, said: “We have been working with Enet for a number of years now and are delighted to be able to expand our capacity. This new deal with Enet is a serious commitment to our growing client base and placing ourselves on the forefront of the fibre rollout, ensuring that we have the capacity to meet the ever-expanding appetite for connectivity. We are also very excited that we will finally have CIX at our core, allowing our customers the fastest available connectivity options to the UK & USA.”

Enet works with more than 80 service providers to bring high-quality data connectivity, broadband and wireless to more than 1 million end users throughout Ireland.

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