Avoiding poor password practices and data breaches

Barry O'Callaghan, Keeper Security

How organisations and individuals can ensure their passwords are safely managed



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16 April 2019 | 0

The dangers of unsecured passwords are often underrated but the impact of a breach can be overwhelming. That’s why those with security firmly placed at the forefront of their operations, ensure they have adequate protection.

Keeper Security is the world’s most trusted password manager and digital vault that uses a zero-knowledge security architecture and advanced encryption technology to store and secure your passwords and sensitive information covering notes, lists, files, photos and videos.

Keeper is available for both personal and business users. It is trusted by millions of users and thousands of businesses worldwide. With thousands of five-star reviews in the app stores, Keeper is the highest-ranked password management solution in the industry.




TechPro spoke to Keeper Security about how organisations and individuals can ensure their passwords are safely managed.

How much of a link is there between poor password practice and data beaches/cyberattacks?

There is a high correlation between poor password practices and data breaches. Over 81% of data breaches are caused by weak or stolen passwords.

Most people know there are risks with using the same password but still do it – why do you think that is?

We’re inundated with passwords these days. It’s understandable that many of us try to make the online password experience easier by using the same password for all of our secure sites or using easy-to-remember passwords. Both open you up to getting hacked.

Can you give us an overview as to what you offer your enterprise customers?

Keeper Enterprise includes everything in Keeper Business but adds enterprise-grade tools for rapid integration, automated user provisioning and advanced two-factor authentication.

“There is a high correlation between poor password practices and data breaches. Over 81% of data breaches are caused by weak or stolen passwords,” Barry O’Callaghan, Keeper Security

This includes Keeper AD Bridge for Active Directory (or Open LDAP) synchronisation, Keeper SSO Connect for integrating with leading Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions and Keeper Commander, an SDK that provides IT admins and developers with command-line tools to perform password management, password rotation and vault functionality.

Advanced two-factor authentication options include Duo Security and RSA SecurID.

How do password manager tools reduce complexity?

A password management system removes the need to remember all your passwords at all.

A comprehensive password management system will make it easy to replace your easily breakable passwords with random alpha-numeric ones, auto-fill your credentials on mobile apps and websites and allow you to store sensitive documents along with login credentials.

When all of your passwords are stored in an encrypted vault, all you need to do is remember your master password to access all of your private information.

What are the benefits of Keeper’s Comprehensive Digital Vault?

Keeper’s platform offers customers both password management and secure file storage in a single vault application. In addition to passwords and login credentials for websites and apps, Keeper customers can store sensitive documents, files, photos and videos in their Keeper Vault.

With KeeperChat, images taken from inside the Keeper Vault are never stored outside the vault –  they are not stored in the camera roll of the device.

How does Keeper secure individuals and families?

In addition to the Password Manager, in 2018, Keeper Security expanded its product offerings with KeeperChat, a secure messaging platform to help individuals and families stay safe online.

KeeperChat is the world’s most secure messaging app. Created with the same zero-knowledge security architecture that Keeper Password Manager is known for, KeeperChat provides the highest level of privacy, security and storage for text messages and media attachments.

With end-to-end encryption, password protected logins, message retraction and self-destruct as well as an encrypted private media vault, users are kept secure and able to maintain control of their privacy.

How can Keeper protect businesses?

Keeper is used by millions of people and thousands of businesses globally to protect their passwords and digital assets. In addition to its consumer products, Keeper also protects businesses and larger enterprises with Keeper Business and Keeper Enterprise, respectively.

With Keeper Business, users can quickly and easily create high-strength, random passwords.

What best practice guidance would you give to CISOs and CIOs about password management?

With Keeper, management can enforce password policies and monitor password compliance with Keeper’s dashboards, reporting, auditing and notifications. Teams of all sizes can share records, folders and files.

Additionally, Keeper securely manages the lifecycle of privileged account credentials with role-based permissions and controlled credential sharing.

What can you tell us about Keeper’s ease of use and availability on all devices?

Keeper is the most widely available password manager and digital vault in the industry. It is available across all major platforms and devices.

Keeper works natively on iOS, Android, Windows Phone/Surface, Mac, PC, Linux and on major web browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE and Edge.

Keeper customers can access their vaults in both offline and online environments.

Keeper also has KeeperFill, an integrated and patented feature of Keeper which allows users to autofill their login credentials across mobile apps and browsers on any device.

Why is Keeper Security trusted by so many?

Keeper Security makes significant investments in its security architecture, testing and certifications. It has the most security certifications in the industry covering SOC-2, TRUSTe and a host of others.

At the government level, Keeper is both GSA and SAM certified. Unlike most traditional cloud storage providers or service offerings, Keeper is built using a zero-knowledge security architecture.

In simple terms, this means that the Keeper customer is the only person who has knowledge of and control over their master password and their encryption keys for accessing their data.

To learn more about Keeper and how Keeper can help you keep your company safe from data breaches or to request a free trial visit www.keepersecurity.com

O’Callaghan, marketing director, EMEA, Keeper

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