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Automotive Security Research Group established at WIT

Researchers aim to bridge the gap between knowledge providers and industry

3 March 2021

Lecturers Brendan Jackman and Dr. Frank Walsh in Waterford Institute of Technology’s (WIT) Dept. of Computing & Mathematics have established the first ‘Automotive Security Research Group Waterford’ (ASRG Waterford) in Ireland.

This new group extends the work of WIT’s Automotive Control Group, which has links to major manufacturers and suppliers throughout Ireland, Europe and China.

The aim of this new group is to build on the researchers 20 years’ experience to provide a forum for manufacturers, suppliers, researchers and individuals in the Irish automotive technology and IT security sectors to collaborate and share information about automotive security topics and solutions.




Modern vehicles have become more susceptible to cybersecurity attacks in recent years as a result of the increasing level of connectivity; ASRG Waterford provides a forum where industry practitioners can share best practice. 

Co-founder of ASRG Waterford, Dr. Frank Walsh, said: “The Connected Car poses a new set of risks and challenges for all automotive OEMs and suppliers. Developers, researchers and engineers across the industry must collaborate to develop secure and safe automotive systems. The ASRG provides a forum for this, where industry practitioners can share knowledge and experience, assisting one another in developing future automotive security solutions.” 

Co-founder Brendan Jackman added: “The rapid digital transformation of modern vehicles requires a high level of cybersecurity to be included in every car as standard and we see ASRG Waterford as a forum for the automotive sector to learn and adopt best practice from the IT security sector.”

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