Is automation the answer to your emerging IT questions?


15 September 2014

There have never been so many options for the IT department to provide services for business, from on-premise to as-a-service, and all variations of cloud. With every business finding its own mix, the permutations are potentially infinite.

But one common thread that runs through all of the possibilities is the power of automation to make whatever mix is right for your business manageable, efficient and productive.

Taking full advantage of the potential of converged infrastructure, IT automation allows for faster provisioning of application-based services across hybrid environments. Automation creates seamless access across internal IT infrastructure to external services, allowing the IT department to broker cloud services, while remaining in control for security, compliance and data protection. This flexibility allows organisations the opportunity to become more agile and efficient, and ready to tackle the threat of shadow IT.

However, such provisions usually require a high degree of openness across the full spectrum of servers, storage and networking, something which organisations may find difficulties with. The fabled vendor lock-in fears of early cloud adoption may again find organisations scrambling for solutions when they encounter implementations that do not adhere quite as well to open standards as more recent offerings. That notwithstanding, most organisations in going down the hybrid environment path may well have at least encountered, if not worked around, such impediments, meaning that they are at least ready to meet the challenge in moving to the next era of cloud computing.

TechFire XI, in association with PFH and HP, will explore how automation, service brokerage and existing IT capabilities can be brought together to provide the best possible blend of services and capabilities for your business, ensuring that it not only benefits from current investments, but also from the cutting edge of what the market has to offer.

A user interview will discuss the complexities of implementation, as well as the critical evaluation phase. With a discussion panel and the opportunity to address question to all experts and users, this event will answer your burning questions in today’s IT management issues.

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