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iPhone 7 & 7 Plus



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11 September 2017 | 0

Niall Kitson portraitWhen Apple rolls out the new iPhone tomorrow I’ll be expecting a few things: shiny design, exceptional camera and some new implementations of technology already being done elsewhere come to mind. One thing I think will definitely happen is a fragmentation of the iPhone brand into different price points.

It’s been done before with the ill-fated iPhone 5c but I think tomorrow will reveal a diversification at the high end of the market, with a focus on premium over affordability. We’ve seen it already this year with the iMac Pro reveal. The last iteration of the Pro was stylish but all too powerful for its housing, was underserved by updates and too expensive by half. The version we’ll be getting later this year keeps the iMac design aesthetic only with an incredible amount of brute force with a price tag to match.

Consider now the iPhone. Word is the iPhone X will have facial recognition, no home key, wireless charging, an OLED screen and some new emojis. But that’s the ‘X’. Not the iPhone 8 or 8s. I know it’s been an important 10 years in Cupertino history and changing the naming convention to suit makes sense but I think we’re missing a trick here. Beyond function we also have word that the off-the-shelf price of the iPhone X will be $999. That’s not a device priced to sell to the rest of us. Neither is the iPad Pro or the iMac Pro. See a trend?

Apple has always been associated with premium products and tomorrow I think we’ll see this divide extend to the iPhone where we could see an 8 or some description with a similar price point to what we’re used to and the X will cater to the fanboys.

It’s a small prediction, but I think Apple’s ‘haves’ and ‘have mores’ strategy will be the big reveal tomorrow. Happy tin anniversary, iPhone.

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