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Amazon reveals new designs for its leafy Virginia campus

The e-commerce giant says the site will create 25,000 jobs over the next decade
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13 May 2021

Amazon has revealed new details about its second headquarters set across a sprawling campus in northern Virginia.

The company has submitted plans for the second phase of the development that show designs for a “forest plaza” at the foot of the company’s 22-story Helix tower, and proposals for new retail and transport infrastructure.

Work began on the campus in January 2020, just before the pandemic, but the firm said its construction, and recruitment plans, are “on pace” and that it was ready for the next chapter. The tower was part of Amazon’s phase 1 plans and is scheduled to be completed by the middle of 2023. It’s said to be 2.1 million square feet of “energy-efficient” office space, which is filled with “state-of-the-art” collaboration areas and leafy terraces.




The Forest Plaza is part of its phase 2 plans and is described as a “botanical experience” with pathways, communal areas and a cascading water feature which Amazon said will provide a cooling microclimate. The area will lead from the Helix office to other segments of the campus, such as transport links and a 500 square foot retail space.

“When the public health situation improves and as regulations allow, we will continue to see value in bringing our employees together in a physical space to cross-pollinate ideas and foster collaboration,” the tech giant said in a blog. “With our hiring and construction on pace, we’re ready for the next chapter.”

Amazon has invested $2.5 billion in the site and currently employs 1,600 workers at the campus. The e-commerce giant is seeking a further 1,900 jobs for a variety of technical and non-technical roles.

These include jobs in software development and high-performance computing, as well as positions working with the Prime Video, Kindle and Alexa teams. There are also listings for Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh store designers.

Amazon hopes to create around 25,000 jobs over the next decade, both internally and around the campus as it grows.

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