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Susan O Beirne
Susan O Beirne, Version 1



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27 September 2017 | 0

Former music teacher Susan O Beirne smiles and says when she joined Version 1 she swapped her piano keyboard for a computer keyboard.

“I taught piano for several years but grew tired of doing the same thing day in day out. If I had to listen to Mary had a little lamb one more time I’d crack up. I talked to some friends within IT and decided to give up the musical keyboard in favour of the computer keyboard, and started a conversion course in software development.”

Susan is now part of the Associate Consultant programme with Version 1 and relishing the opportunity to accelerate her career in IT.

‘’I’ve learned something new every day since I’ve started in the company. The team has been a constant support in my learning and are always there to answer questions. It’s a big difference from what I was saying about my job just over a year ago. Version 1 focuses on learning and personal development; I did three exams to get a Microsoft certification in software development last year.”

This commitment to training and development is fundamental to Version 1’s Associate Consultant programme says HR director Jarlath Dooley.

“Graduates have the knowledge our programme converts that knowledge into skills – and that takes time and investment. We have developed an extensive programme which we lay out clearly to applicants. As a result, there is a huge interest in what can be achieved in Version 1 over a four- or five- year career.’

Version 1’s graduate programme is now accepting applications with positions available for more than 80 associate consultants in Dublin, Cork and Belfast.

One of Ireland’s most successful IT services businesses, Version 1 works with some of the largest brands and organisations in Europe.

Once in the door, graduates work in either Oracle Solutions, Data & Analytics, Digital Tech, Business Transformation or Cloud & Infrastructure and Microsoft Solutions.

Grand designs
Shane Mitchell is a passionate photographer who studied landscape design but now, as an associate consultant with Version 1, instead of designing physical space he is now designing information.

“For my degree, I studied Landscape Architecture for four years in UCD. What I enjoyed most was learning about design and how it’s all about problem solving. After that, I did a Masters in Interactive Digital Media in Trinity College. There I learned about design through different media, photography and Web design were my favourite modules.

“After my education, I moved to Canada for two years with some friends. I did some photography and some Web design for a while and then I heard about the grad programme with Version 1. So, I applied.”

“My interest was getting involved with the UX team but I got placed on Cloud Services. I didn’t know anything about cloud which worried me at the start but I’ve learned a lot already. I am really happy now. Ironically, I did landscape architecture but it’s the cloud architecture which won me over. It’s still design, but of computer systems instead of physical space.”

To apply for Version 1’s Associate Consultancy Programme you’ll need to have graduated in the last three years with at least a 2.1 in IT-related degree/conversion course. But what else is the company looking for?

Obviously, people who want to work with the latest tech says Jarlath, but his focus is on finding graduates who are driven to succeed and interested in working in a company committed to accelerating their career from day one.

“We employ only the best and we believe in pushing your boundaries and stretching your knowledge. We help our grads develop the diplomacy, judgement and insight required so our customers trust the advice they give implicitly.

“But it’s not all about work, the fact that we’ve been ranked as one of the top 10 ‘Great Places to Work’ in Ireland for seven years running and are also in Europe’s top 10 shows the company’s commitment to building a supportive environment for our people.”

Version 1’s successful graduate programme has received more than 2,000 applications last year. Jarlath believes it’s a reflection of the ambition and drive of Irish graduates.

“I really don’t buy into the negative rhetoric around millennials; this notion that they feel entitled to everything now and will move on after a year or two. It isn’t our experience. The Version 1 Graduate Programme is designed for a much longer career perspective than that. We value the people who have joined us and we are committed to helping them attain the skills and experience to build a successful and rewarding career in IT.”

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