World’s ‘most secure phone’ launched


The blockchain-based IMpulse K1 was developed by Karatbars International



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6 January 2020 | 0

E-commerce company Karatbars International has launched what it claims to be world’s most secure smartphone.

Thanks to proprietary Voice over Blockchain Protocol (VoBP) technology, all conversations, data exchanges and transfer of funds carried out on the device are anonymous. As conversations and transactions are transmitted using a proprietary VoBP, the phone cannot be hacked, and calls cannot be listened in on. VoBP allows users to communicate securely and with comprehensive encryption.

Data is recorded and encrypted via the IPFS platform by using decentralised storage based on blockchain technology. The devices security codes are constantly updated and cannot be deduced. As such, the company said third-party interference is near impossible.




The phone also works as a wallet; it allows funds to be sent and received, and is a comprehensive solution for payment systems and transactions in the financial sector.

According to the company, the phone is “as impregnable as Fort Knox in respect of safeguarding cryptocurrencies and monetary transactions… The era of spying on people has passed. No one need know what we’ve done, where we did it, or how often – the mania for surveillance has now come to an end.”

Karatbars International CEO Harald Seiz said: “We have developed solutions to the most important questions: how can a transaction be made more secure, how might payment systems look, and where are we headed in the fintech sector?” 

“Blockchain technology is opening up new horizons for us,” he continued. “We shall have to get a handle on all kinds of things and get to grips with current requirements. We have taken a first, major step with the Impulse K1 and the world’s first VoBP telephone will set new standards.”

Julia O’Reilly

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