How will AI affect employment?

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5 December 2017


Firmly securing its status as a technological hub, Ireland is at the forefront of pioneering advancements in the field. Here at Eolas Recruitment, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading specialist IT recruitment agencies in the country, and this involves us keeping up-to-date with the emerging trends of the tech world and how this will shape the industry in Ireland.

As a frontrunner in Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is predicted that the country’s GDP will be boosted by €48 billion by 2030 after investing in the technology. This 11.6% growth comes as a result of Ireland being at the forefront of the AI revolution in recent years and has produced a thriving community thanks to the presence of global companies in the country.

With an increasing likelihood that AI in the workplace is set to soon be a reality, questions surrounding job losses caused by automation are on the rise. The realisation that AI can easily solve issues within businesses, as well as improving both the productivity and reduce error rates are factors that are convincing Irish businesses to adopt the technology. However, although 76% of enterprises in Ireland are investing in AI or data analytics, only one in 10 would trust the technology to make business decisions for them. This is mainly because AI systems and computers can only solve problems for which they are programmed, so the thinking process of a human can never be replaced.

Therefore, IT professionals should not be concerned that AI will cause them to be redundant, especially as it is expected that a variety of new roles will be created to keep up with the high demands of looking after the AI technology.

“Although 76% of enterprises in Ireland are investing in AI or data analytics, only one in 10 would trust the technology to make business decisions for them”

In a survey conducted by Capgemini, 1,000 organisations were quizzed on the changes that had occurred as a result of introducing AI-based systems. The results found that two-thirds of respondents saw no reduction in jobs, with four out of five companies hiring more candidates as a result.

At Eolas Recruitment, we specialise in securing candidates their perfect job. With predictions that AI will bring an influx of jobs into the market, individuals with experience in programming, coding and computer science will be more in-demand than ever before. In addition to an educational background in these areas, it is suggested that those wishing to work in AI have an analytical thought process, and can make important decisions under pressure.

With a variety of new jobs arising, as well as several great opportunities currently available in Ireland, those looking for an exciting opportunity in AI or any other field of innovation in technology have plenty to choose from. If you are an IT professional looking for a role in the tech industry in Ireland, get  in contact with Eolas Recruitment today. As one of the market-leading IT recruitment firms in Ireland, we have a wealth of knowledge on the industry, and our consultants strive to match your skills and experience to the perfect career. For more information, get in contact with us today.

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