Web scale technologies coming to enterprise, says Nutanix’s Phillips

Pictured left is Michael O'Hara, Data Solutions, Paul Phillips, Nutanix, and Francis O'Haire, Data Solutions

16 July 2014

To run the larger web companies which we all know and log in to each day involves dealing with often incredible demands in terms of data. Just think about the fact that each and every day 350 million images are uploaded to Facebook. Think about the compute and storage challenges faced by the likes of Google and Amazon as well. However, what we can take from these companies is an overview of how they manage these issues.

This is likely to be a very good indicator of how a similar approach can make a difference to the vast majority of enterprises out there. In conjunction with this, what enterprises now need is fundamentally a new approach to designing, deploying and managing data centres which is simple and efficient.


At Nutanix, we’ve embraced this idea to create a very different approach to next-generation data centre infrastructure solutions. We’ve done so by taking that web scale technology that the ‘big guys’ use and packaging it into an enterprise-class software running on a hardware appliance for the masses.

By creating high performing technology which is easy to grow, easy to move and has the ability to bring your whole IT environment to another level, we’ve already seen the interest levels shoot through the roof for the idea.

Having signed an original equipment manufacturing (OEM) agreement with Dell earlier this summer to offer a new family of converged infrastructure appliances, based on Nutanix web scale technology, our ground-breaking software will now run on Dell’s industry-leading servers. This will deliver a flexible, scale-out platform that brings IT simplicity to modern data centres.

This move was down to the demand from industry to deliver high-performance converged infrastructure ideal for powering a broad spectrum of popular enterprise use cases, including virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), virtualised business applications, multi-hypervisor environments and more.

We are currently engaging with a channel of highly skilled IT partners in Ireland to help organisations fully realise the benefits that our hyper-converged solution brings to their business.

One thing we’ve already heard numerous times from companies who have opted for our technologies is that storage is incredibly easy to provision, and in the process it massively simplifies the whole deployment of storage within a virtualised environment.

We’ve embraced the idea of creating a very different approach to next-gen DC infrastructure solutions, by taking that web-scale technology the ‘big guys’ use and packaging it into an enterprise-class software running on a hardware appliance for the masses

We’ve started to talk to a lot of larger businesses and financial institutions within the Irish market and while you can’t expect a ‘rip and replace’ approach these days, we find that they often have a number of projects going on at one time that are separate to one another. The starting point is to find one of those projects in which they’re comfortable with rolling out Nutanix to begin with.

Indeed, this approach has been quite successful, as once a client starts to take on Nutanix products in this manner they will come back to us very, very quickly to see where else they can use our product within their business.

They’re returning to repurchase, and they’re repurchasing much bigger which can only be a good sign for the continued development of this technology.



Paul Phillips is regional director Western Europe for Nutanix

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