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Virgin Media customers’ daily broadband usage jumped 91% since February 2020

Recent survey found 80% in favour a hybrid working model where they would work both at home and in the office
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21 July 2021

Expectations around working behaviours seem to have changed for good, according to research commissioned by Virgin Media Ireland and conducted independently by Amárach Research.

The survey found 80% of the 1,200 adults across the country surveyed for the report are in favour of a hybrid working model where they would work both at home and in the office. At 43%, many respondents said they would ideally work three days at home and two in the office spilt, while 15% preferred the reverse (two days at home, three in the office).

The report also highlighted that Virgin Media broadband customers have increased their current daily usage by 91% to 19GB per day, since February 2020. People are far more engaged in online activity than ever before, which is a trend the report said is likely to continue. During the pandemic, 44% of people increased their streaming activity, and 70% said they expect to continue watching the same or more amount of Netflix content post-pandemic.




A total of 40% of survey participants said they spend between two and five hours watching a variety of streaming video services. On average, 25% of all respondents said they are using broadband to watch video streaming services more than ever before, including Netflix, YouTube & Amazon Prime, while 20% said they are watching more video content on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

Consumers also strongly indicated that they would support local shops and businesses both in person and online when the pandemic is finally over. Of those surveyed, 90% said they intend to shop local as much as they can. When shopping online, 80% of respondents said they would consciously buy Irish goods and services where possible. Similarly, 80% expressed a view that people will need to ‘do more’ to support local businesses and employers after the pandemic.

Meanwhile, 50% of participants said they are shopping online more than ever before.  While large numbers of people have returned to main streets across Ireland for groceries, household supplies, furnishing, footwear and appliances, four in 10 said they prefer to shop both online and in-person for clothing, healthcare products, accessories, consumer electronics and home entertainment, indicating that businesses and retailers will need to offer the best of both worlds.

Irish online consumers wield considerable buying power, with a current average monthly spend of €230 reported by those surveyed. Virgin Media said roughly half of those surveyed had spent up to €100 online in the past month, while a third spent between €100 and €500, and one in 10 spent up to €1,000 or more.

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