Ultimate Ears finds perfect pitch with Hyperboom speaker

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom
Ultimate Ears Hyperboom

Portable speaker added to desktop accesory lineup



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26 February 2020 | 0

Ultimate Ears has added a new, large, portable speaker to its lineup.

The new Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is the audio brand’s biggest and ‘bassiest’ effort yet. Ultimate Ears claim the new portable speaker can deliver 24 hours of battery life, triple the loudness and six times the bass offered by the Megaboom 3 – which sits directly below it in the lineup.

Rather than upscale the cylindrical form-factor of the Boom or Megaboom, the Hyperboom opts for a blockier, more rectangular design. The top of the speaker plays host to a neat array of familiar buttons, including while the Magic Button introduced with the Megaboom 3. As with that speaker, this button can be used to launch directly into a playlist for your music streaming service of choice.




Better still, where previously use of this feature was only available to Apple Music and Deezer subscribers, One Touch playlists are now available for both Amazon Music and Spotify for Android users.

Meanwhile, the bottom-most edge of the speaker houses a a set of 3.5mm auxiliary and optical output ports. There’s also a USB port that lets you utilise the Hyperboom’s chunky battery as a powerbank for your phone or tablet.

When it comes to durability, Ultimate Ears say the Hyperboom is IPX4 rated against spills or splash damage. It won’t survive being dropped into a pool but it can survive a spatter of liquid.

The Hyperboom can supports up to two connected Bluetooth devices at once. It also support easy pairing with other Boom, Megaboom and Hyperboom speakers via the Boom app. The level of customizability goes so far here that you can even put the Hyperboom into a stereo pairing setup with any of the smaller boom speakers. It might sound a little odd – since the former will certainly overpower the latter – but you can absolutely do it.

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