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Two thirds of Irish businesses to increase investment in cyber security

More than 80% of business leaders say that technology has positively impacted their sustainability goals
Catherine Doyle, Dell Technologies Ireland

8 November 2023

In association with Dell Technologies Ireland

A new survey from Dell Technologies in association with the Executive Institute found that two-thirds of businesses in Ireland were planning to invest in their cyber security as cyber threats continue to increase. Furthermore, 93% of organisations had already taken steps to enhance their data protection measures in the past 12 months.

The latest Digital Pulse Survey of more than 150 business leaders, showed that Irish businesses were struggling under the weight of increasing cyber-attacks. The majority of respondents (64%) said the ever-growing number of attacks was the main barrier to enhancing their organisation’s cyber resilience, with 13% citing lack of in-house cyber skills and expertise and 9% citing outdated technology and upfront investment in cybersecurity solutions.




Highlighting the cyber dangers posed by hybrid working, 68% of businesses had already taken steps to mitigate the cyber risks of flexible and remote working models.

The Digital Pulse Survey revealed that Irish businesses are increasingly turning to technology to help them achieve their sustainability goals. Some 84% of business leaders said that technology had positively impacted their sustainability goals. More than a third (37%) were using technology to increase energy efficiency, 24% are using it to facilitate hybrid or remote working, and 20% were using technology to help reduce carbon emissions.

In addition, almost half (49%) of Irish business leaders said they were considering replacing outdated technology in the next 12 months to reduce higher energy costs.

Catherine Doyle, managing director, Dell Technologies Ireland, said: “It’s clear that cyber risk continues to weigh heavily on business leaders as they advance their digital transformation plans. The vast majority have taken steps to enhance their data protection, and two-thirds are looking to increase this investment in the year ahead. Proactive and timely action will be vital to strengthening cyber defences.  

“As businesses work to enhance their cyber resilience, it’s also positive to see the role of technology in driving sustainable innovation. From using technology to increase energy efficiency and facilitate remote working to achieving operational efficiency, digital transformation can help leaders shape a more sustainable future.”

Conor Morris, managing director, Executive Institute, said: “The results of the survey suggests that the threat posed by cyber attacks continues to grow and threatens the future success of our member organisations. These attacks are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated.  Planning for and adopting a security strategy that remains current and as up to date as new cyber threats themselves will be a key factor going forward.”

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