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Tuesday Toys: CES edition

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6 January 2015


ODG Smart Glasses
Osterhout Design Group's (ODG) smartglasses

Intended for use in gaming and the military, Osterhout Design Group’s (ODG) smartglasses run a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor and have stereoscopic HD displays, accelerometers, magnetometers, and gyroscopes.

Additional hardware features include a high-speed autofocus camera, stereo audio, as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS connectivity.


Sony Smart B-Trainer
Sony's prototype Smart B-Trainer

Sony’s prototype Smart B-Trainer is part of a wearable tech lineup that includes the Google Glass-style Single-Lens Display Module – aka SmartEyeglass Attach!

This concept gadget consists of two rather clunky headphones joined by a loop around the back of the head, not unlike Sony’s waterproof Walkman Sports MP3 Player.

3D Sound Labs' Neoh 'smart 3D audio headphones'3D Sound Labs Neoh

3D Sound Labs’ Neoh ‘smart 3D audio headphones’ incorporate head-tracking sensors that measure your head’s position in space.

Put on these phones and you can physically turn around and force your favourite singer to yell into your right ear.

Toshiba Encore 2
Toshiba Encore 2 Write tablet

Toshiba’s new Encore 2 Write tablets are available in 10.1″ and 8″ models will be the Encore 2 Write tablet’s key differentiator in an ocean of Bay Trail M tablets is its potential as a note-taking device, allowing the users to scrawl all over their content.

In meatier specs, both tablets use Atom CPUs, feature 2Gb of RAM, and pack 64Gb of storage. Additional storage can be added through the MicroSD slot. Both also support Micro HDMI and Micro USB 2.0. The tablets are also rated for roughly 11 hours of use on a charge.

Binatone Scout 5000
Binatone's Scout5000

Binatone’s Scout5000 collar was described by the company as a ‘smartphone for a dog’ and uses its cellular connection to remotely synch with the owner’s smartphone, and provide live data.

Owners won’t have to worry about losing their dogs with the technology, which has about two weeks of battery life and features GPS tracking, Wi-Fi connectivity and a HD camera.

HTC Desire 826

HTC Desire 828HTC’s focus on photography and taking more smashing pictures continues with its newest flagship Desire 826 5.5″ smartphone.

The handset has a 13MP low-light rear camera. The smartphone has Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and an eight-core Snapdragon processor running at 1.7GHz. It will have two LTE SIM slots.

Beyond better pictures, the smartphone also will deliver booming sound with Dolby Audio support.

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