Transformation needs to be business driven

George Ryan, FIT, presents the IT Professional or Team of the Year Award to Jane Carolan, HBS, HSE (Image Mediateam)

Efforts in transformation are best driven by the business, supported by IT



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9 April 2019 | 0

Business transformation must be driven by the business, even if those efforts are underpinned by technology.

According to Jane Carolan, national director, Health Business Services, Health Service Executive, the role of the IT professional is increasing in importance as digital opportunities to drive and underpin business change expanded at a rapid rate. However, she warns that the single biggest impediment to successful business transformation, underpinned by digital solutions, is the lack of the business driving these changes.

Referring to her efforts in developing business services for the health services, she said, “I have been actively managing the challenges of engagement and implementation. My goal is to make the digital health journey globally a smoother experience bringing faster benefit to patients, citizens, clinicians and staff.”




A key element of this process, said Carolan, was to have programmes designed by users that turn information into insights, providing better, more accessible services for clinicians and patients alike.

However, the health environment is a difficult one in which to deliver, with security and privacy key concerns. Carolan maintains there is a need to balance the delivery of technology within the HSE with a secure and modern digital infrastructure that supports the delivery of current and emerging digital health solutions while continually innovating throughout the health system. This is vital in providing agile technologies that can pivot to the users’ needs, whether patients, clinicians or management.

“This has been a foundation for all initiatives that I have been driving in the HSE,” said Carolan.

With this approach, the Health Business Services department has overseen initiatives such as the maternal and new-born clinical management system (MN-CMS) which provides a seamless, complete and reliable source of all the information required by clinicians to quickly and to accurately make care decisions for the optimal care of mothers and infants across the service. The ONE programme connects more than 30,000 staff to enable them to digitally communicate with each other and patients, in turn our staff are able to provide a safer, more efficient, and ultimately better, service to patients and the public.

In recognition of the broad efforts to drive change through partnership with the business, Carolan and the team across the Health Service Executive, Health Business Services and eHealth Ireland were awarded the ICT Professional or Team of the Year at the 2018 Tech Excellence Awards.

If your organisation has an inspirational leader or team why not enter them for the 2019 awards and have their efforts acknowledged by peers.

See the tech awards site for entries. The deadline is 12 April.

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