TikTok to launch European Transparency & Accountability Centre in Dublin

Experts will learn about social network's safety and privacy efforts
Image: TikTok

27 April 2021

TikTok is planning to establish a European Transparency and Accountability Centre in Ireland.

The centre will provide TikTok with an opportunity to showcase the efforts its puts into making the platform positive and secure to experts, academics, and policymakers.

While initially operating virtually due to Covid-19 restrictions, TikTok expects to open a physical Transparency and Accountability Centre in 2022.




Experts visiting will get insight into:

  • How technology is used to keep TikTok’s community safe
  • How trained content review teams make decisions about content based on TikTok’s community guidelines
  • The way human reviewers supplement moderation efforts using technology to help catch potential violations of our policies

In addition to content moderation, the centre will offer detailed insight into the platform’s recommendation technology, and its work to ensure data privacy and security.

The opening of the European centre follows the launch of TikTok’s first Transparency and Accountability Centre in in the US July 2020. So far, over 24 experts and congressional offices have taken part in the virtual US tour, allowing them to learn and ask questions about our safety and security practices.

“With more than 100 million users across Europe, we recognise our responsibility to gain the trust of our community and the broader public,” said Cormac Keenan, head trust & safety, TikTok. “Our Transparency and Accountability Centre is the next step in our journey to help people better understand the teams, processes, and technology we have to help keep TikTok a place for joy, creativity, and fun. We know there’s lots more work to do and we’re excited about proactively addressing the challenges that lie ahead. I’m looking forward to welcoming experts from around Europe and hearing their candid feedback on ways we can further improve our systems.”

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